About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

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About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

Guest Blogging Survey

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About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

How We Created An Outreach Strategy To Maximize Our Content Impact

Anyone who’s been creating content on a consistent basis knows how important it is for your content to reach the right people in order for it to become successful.

The days of creating content just for the search engines are dying, if not dead already, and it’s now all about creating relevant content that can be engaging and interesting for your target audience.

It has been our mandate to invest the maximum resources in content marketing – because, afterall, we need to practise what we preach. And, what we discovered was that even though we were creating content that was interesting, it wasn’t reaching our intended audience because we didn’t have an existing reader base.

This forced us to work out an “outreach” strategy that we now implement after every piece of content we create.

Just to give you some background, we provide guest blogging and content marketing services and our target audience is mostly online marketers and agencies that do

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online marketing.

We asked ourself – Where do our audience hang out? And, can we get our content there?

When we look at online marketers, there are a few places where they hang out:

1. Inbound.org

We could get in front of audiences in Inbound.org pretty easily – all we had to do was add a story and share it via email to get a couple of upvotes. Based on community behavior, good stories get automatically voted up and end up in the first page — this in turn drives some content consumption via Twitter and Facebook. Some, but not a lot.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a great way of getting in front of audiences, but we needed a multi-prong strategy for Facebook simply because there was a lot of grunt work involved.

(A) “Likes” are already driven via Inbound/Twitter. We didn’t really have to invest in a strategy to influence folks to like our content because that was already driven by getting a front-page story on Inbound.org and getting some buzz on Twitter.

(B) Groups have a larger impact than general likes. Simply because a lot of people join online marketing groups and stories in these groups tend to hit their newsfeed. Anything they find interesting, they share with their list or tweet about, thus adding more virality to the story.

(C) But, posting on ~50 groups was a lot of grunt work. Hence, we found people on oDesk to do it for us ;)

3. Twitter

Twitter is a very powerful medium for outreach, if used properly. Based on the story we have different strategies for Twitter

(A) If it’s Egobait or we’re talking about someone in the post, get them involved. We did this primarily by doing mentions to people who were included within the content. The job became easier if we had prior contact with the person; we’d just email them and ask them to Tweet about the article.

(B) Tweet to other relevant users who haven’t been mentioned within the post but would retweet. This is a no-brainer. Before we even create content, we define who could be a potential influencer and start targeting them on Twitter.

4. Old School

Sometimes, we create content that we are dead sure will be interesting to a large section of people. But, it’s almost impossible to get in front of all of these people by just machine gunning via Twitter or Facebook.

Under these circumstances:

(A) We reach them directly via their website. While not annoying them to death, we ask them to check out an intereting tip, tool or hack that we created to see if we could engage them in a larger conversation.

(B) Facebook Graph Search is… AWESOME! A lot of times, we just use Graph search to get in front of people by using queries like “Likes X and works as Blogger”

And, finally.. Scaling ‘em all

Any of these strategies are useless unless you can scale them — considering the fact that you’ll be creating at least a dozen pieces of content on any given month. Here’s the tl;dr on how we scale our content outreach.

  1. Publish post and email back @ mention back anyone who was mentioned within the content –> the article author does this themselves
  2. Tweet, Facebook, Google+ via official accounts
  3. Post on inbound.org (replace this with any other site you have in your industry) –> Get some of our followers the story so that they can upvote if they find it interesting
  4. Find someone on oDesk to post it on a few Facebook Groups; if it works, have them post it on others too
  5. Find soemone on oDesk to contact a select list of influencers via their websites –> They can get a list of influencers by searching on Google or Twitter
  6. Use Graph search to send out 4-5 messages to the top authorities you can find –> Do this yourself

About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

Is Guest Blogging Dead? Let’s Find Out.

Almost every second article I seem to read recently talks about how guest blogging is dead or dying one way or another. But, what most of these articles talk about is the overall intent and way one goes about guest blogging, rather than the actual results that are being seen.

We personally believe that guest blogging is here to stay; not simply because we

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are in the business of creating guest posts, but because it is a natural way of creating high quality content and links.

We want to put to test what kind of results folks are seeing with guest blogging and the volume and scale at which they are employing their efforts.

If you're interested in contributing, you'll have our lifelong gratitude if you fill out this short survey.


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

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How To Manage Bad Clients

We've all had tough clients. Sometimes, it's a problem with the service match or other times, clients can just be downright unreasonable.

We asked some industry guru's how they deal with their tough clients.

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<a href="http://guestpostlabs.com/how-to-manage-bad-clients/">curated by Guest Post Labs</a></p>

Daniel Smulevich, Verve Search

Over-demanding clients are actually quite common in the industry, especially when dealing with family businesses. For them you are not only an SEO, but a PPC, UX, CRO, branding expert, yet they are not ready to pay for all of that, and, even worse, often don't feel confident in disclosing some internal data.

I remember facing this situation with one of my first private clients, where I ended up spending several extra hours educating the client, so that they could perform the routine tasks by themselves and just be consulted on the strategy. It wasn't a very profitable client for me then, but it helped me in terms of reputation and future prospective clients. My advice is to always be upfront at the very beginning and crystal clear about what you will do for them and the processes involved BEFORE accepting the job.

And if they still over-demand, TEACH them how to do routine tasks (or help them source trusted internal stuff for that) and focus on maximising their revenue streams in the long term!

Follow him on Twitter or read his thoughts at verve search

Dan Shure, Evolving SEO

This is tough. I always try to start, of course, by setting the right expectations up front. But I think the way I have handled this (perhaps rather intuitively) is by emphasizing the value in my deliverables vs. just metrics like rankings. And trying to do something to make my work stand out and be unique in a way that would be hard to replicate. Thus, taking the emphasis away from JUST rankings, traffic, etc – of course you have to deliver on those too, but I find when you do exceptional work, clients are much less demanding about just rankings, and see the greater value of what you provide.

In the few cases where a client has expressed dissatisfaction, I honestly ask myself “am I responsible for that, and did I set the wrong expectation and not deliver?” I try to be really honest with myself and do something to make it up to the client right away. If it really is a client who “just doesn't get it” I'd find a way to not work with them anymore, although I can honestly say I've been lucky enough to not have that happen.

Follow him on Twitter or read his thoughts at Evolving SEO

Bill Sebald, Green Lane SEO

I’ve had my share of tough clients. On SEOmoz I wrote about how I work to avoid them whenever possible. But, when in deep with one, communication is my best method. Honest, quick, plentiful responses to issues and events. This is the opposite of what many want to do, which is frankly to avoid the client. I’ve found that the concern of sending many emails only to open up more work or tough situations for you, doesn’t usually come true. The opposite happens – they respect (and start to trust) that you’re on it, and ahead of things instead of reactionary. The truth is, if you get much more ahead of them so the “to do” items start backlogging with them, they can start to become apologetic. I can think of a couple times where I was recognized for turning a hard client into a pussycat, and all I did was open up

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the communication lines (which held me more strictly to my deliverables).

Follow him on Twitter or read his thoughts at Green Lane SEO

Ross Hudgens, Siege Media

When dealing with clients with bad expectations, I do one of two things: a) I get a gauge for their actual needs up front and never work for them, or b) I fire them. There's a “feel” you can get for clients by having intro calls, emails etc before working – and as I've found so far, if you can't get a feel for their needs/personality, that's your fault, not theirs. In general, also, if I can pick clients who have the ability to get results and give me the ability to execute, there are rarely concerns/stresses between us.

Follow him on Twitter or read his thoughts at Siege Media

Aleyda Solis, Seer Interactive

To minimize difficulties and misunderstandings with “tough” clients (and also avoid investing your time and efforts with clients that are just not ready for an SEO process), it is key to validate well and set the right expectations from the start of the process, making sure that the client is aware about timings and resources that will need to be invested from their part. If this is well validated from the start, from my experience, the possibility of having a successful collaboration grows a lot.

Once this is set at the start, having a clear communication, documentation and validation process along the SEO lifecycle that allows you to touch base consistently, making sure your recommendations are correctly implemented and your activities are aligned with the clients operations are also a must to have a smooth SEO process, a great relationship with the client and of course, higher chances of success.

Follow her on Twitter or read his thoughts at Aleyda Solis

Brittan Bright, iAcuire

I prefer to take the brutal honesty approach. We do our absolute best to do right by the client and honor our contract but I have told clients directly that we are not the right partner for them when the situation called for it.

In these circumstances it is always best to ensure we are learning from the situation. Did we position ourselves or our services wrong in the beginning our our relationship with the client? How could we have set better expectations? Did we maintain our standards in the areas of customer service and quality of work?

Every client is different so it is tough to give a blanket answer as to how to respond but I personally think being honest and direct is the way to go, even if it means walking away from the business. There have been situations where I have been very honest and tried to walk away from a situation only to have it be reigned in once boundaries became better defined.

Follow her on Twitter or read his thoughts at iAcquire

Ashwin Ramesh

In my opinion, there's no such thing as a bad client. There's just a client that's not a fit for your service or vice versa. When I get a client that's being unreasonable or in a situation where I understand that their expectations are not what's being offered, this is how I troubleshoot.

I tell the client nicely the quantum of work I can deliver. They can either work with me under those circumstances or find someone else. If the client doesn't agree and “forces” me to do something I obviously cannot, I charge them more money which would make it worth my while or look at an exit clause in the contract (if any)

In most cases, clients generally co-operate when you sit down and explain to them about your problems and the quantum of work you can perform.

Follow her on Twitter or read his thoughts at Guest Post Labs


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

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Complete Checklist For All Your Website Needs

I love checklists, especially when it

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comes to getting things done. So I've put together checklists for

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have that cialis from canada any starting thrilled.

all kinds of things regarding website.

Below is my master website checklist covering 10 topics. For the sake of simplicity, I have kept it brief. This is just the checklist in its rawest form.

This list is always a work in progress, online casinos any additional thoughts are welcome.


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

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How To’s &amp; Guides For Inbound Marketing

There are plethora of guides available for various branches of inbound marketing, we handpicked some of the

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best for you to read.

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<p><iframe style="border-width: 2px; border-color: #333;  <a href="http://blackjack-craps.co.uk/poker-rules-of-the-game">background:</a>  #FFF; border-style: solid;" src="http://guestpostlabs.com/1-commandment.html" height="800" width="650" frameborder="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe></p>
<div style="display: none"><a href="http://write-my-essay-for-mee.com/" title="write essay">write essay</a></div>
<p><a href="http://guestpostlabs.com/how-tos-guides-for-inbound-marketing/">curated by Guest Post Labs</a></p>


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

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10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing

We inbound marketers are a powerful lot – we create and promote content that gets consumed and shared by millions of people. But, what ethics or morals drive us? Do we have our own set of ten commandments?

This question prompted us to sit down and think about what we would like to call “The Ten Commandments Of Inbound Marketing”. Of course, our Contlet was heavily inspired by others including

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<p><iframe style="border-width: 2px; border-color: #333; background: #FFF; border-style: solid;" src="http://guestpostlabs.com/1-commandment.html" height="800" width="650" frameborder="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe><br />
<a href="http://guestpostlabs.com/24-inspiring-marketing-quotes">curated by Guest Post Labs</a></p>

Thou shalt focus on thy customer

Closing individual sales is not enough for a successful business. It depends on developing lifetime relationships with customers profitably. But getting customer loyalty requires hard work. You will have to learn to assess the service-profit chain, leverage the relationship with customer satisfaction, loyalty, and company profitability.

Create thy user persona

Users expect products and services that are created to their specific need. Traditionally, we develop and market based on segmentation and demographics, assuming that the features, functionality and messaging will meet the needs of all of the customers in that demographic—a “one size fits all” mentality. However, the customer’s shifts from a mass manufacturing to mass customization, user’s desires are more accurately identified

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through the development of personas rather than through demographic data.

Thou shalt create a strategy first

Before you start creating content, you need to build your strategy.

Content strategy evaluates business and customer needs and provides strategic direction on how improved content and content processes can help

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to achieve specific objectives.

Thou shalt have an editorial calendar

Good content marketing requires research, thought and a long-term plan that all must be documented in an editorial calendar. Be sure and assign specific people to specific tasks along with deadlines. Doing so without is like flying blind.

Remember thy analytics

As marketers, we have to understand the importance of having web analytics set up, and of constantly working with the data. We are spending a huge amount of time focused on site metrics and web analytics reports.

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We have need to have a great sense of how our sites are performing technically, and how that backs out to money made.

Thou shalt use social media to nurture leads

58% of marketers who have been using social media for more than three years reported it has helped them improve sales. Small business owners have seen their sales and lead generation efforts improve when using social media. However, sales teams also need to be involved in the social media online casino strategy to begin connecting with more prospects and current clients. Now more than ever proves that businesses and organizations, as well as their employees, need to be present on social networks.

Thou shalt not repurpose content

Having original content on each page of your web site is vital to a successful website. Content should be relevant to each page—and most important it should be original. Duplicate content from another page of your site or another site entirely not only damages all your hard SEO work, but could lead to a potential search engine ban!

Thou shalt make share content easily

With the rise of social web, marketers are starting to realize the value of content sharing. Social media makes it easier than ever to share your content with direct friends and followers. Its real power, though, comes from the fact that it extends your reach even further, in ways that traditional methods can’t. All it takes is a retweet, a “like” or a repost, and your content has the potential to go further and deeper—with no additional investment of time and effort on your part. While you can’t always control how much sharing goes on, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your content easier to share on social media.

Thou shalt have clear call to action

The most important key to converting visitors into leads is to have a call to action. People are on your marketing channel, viewing your company information, and they are looking for clues to what they are supposed to do next. A strong call to action is a simple and compelling offer that persuades them to take the action you want.

Thou Shall Not Create Link Scheme

Slow and steady wins the race. Do not try and create as many backlinks as possible in a short duration. You will end up with hundreds of artificial links which will have no use to anyone. It is not just the quantity of links which direct to your website that matters, but also the relevance and quality of those links.


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

24 Inspiring Marketing Quotes

Need juice for some marketing inspiration?

When you”re a marketing (online or offline, we don”t discriminate!), it can sometimes be frustrating to get some inspiration.

While “hackers” (like they call themselves, anyways) have tons of inspiration to draw from Zuck, Paul Graham, Thiel and who-not, we marketeers

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are walking that lonely path. At Guest Post Labs, we looked for inspiration from fellow marketeers, and we are proud to present 24 Marketing Quotes to keep y”all hyper,

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inspired and motivated!

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About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

0 To 100K Visits Within 1 Month – A Complete Plan


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About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.