10 Commandments of Inbound Marketing

We inbound marketers are a powerful lot – we create and promote content that gets consumed and shared by millions of people. But, what ethics or morals drive us? Do we have our own set of ten commandments?

This question prompted us to sit down and think about what we would like to call “The Ten Commandments Of Inbound Marketing”. Of course, our Contlet was heavily inspired by others including

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Thou shalt focus on thy customer

Closing individual sales is not enough for a successful business. It depends on developing lifetime relationships with customers profitably. But getting customer loyalty requires hard work. You will have to learn to assess the service-profit chain, leverage the relationship with customer satisfaction, loyalty, and company profitability.

Create thy user persona

Users expect products and services that are created to their specific need. Traditionally, we develop and market based on segmentation and demographics, assuming that the features, functionality and messaging will meet the needs of all of the customers in that demographic—a “one size fits all” mentality. However, the customer’s shifts from a mass manufacturing to mass customization, user’s desires are more accurately identified

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through the development of personas rather than through demographic data.

Thou shalt create a strategy first

Before you start creating content, you need to build your strategy.

Content strategy evaluates business and customer needs and provides strategic direction on how improved content and content processes can help

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to achieve specific objectives.

Thou shalt have an editorial calendar

Good content marketing requires research, thought and a long-term plan that all must be documented in an editorial calendar. Be sure and assign specific people to specific tasks along with deadlines. Doing so without is like flying blind.

Remember thy analytics

As marketers, we have to understand the importance of having web analytics set up, and of constantly working with the data. We are spending a huge amount of time focused on site metrics and web analytics reports.

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We have need to have a great sense of how our sites are performing technically, and how that backs out to money made.

Thou shalt use social media to nurture leads

58% of marketers who have been using social media for more than three years reported it has helped them improve sales. Small business owners have seen their sales and lead generation efforts improve when using social media. However, sales teams also need to be involved in the social media online casino strategy to begin connecting with more prospects and current clients. Now more than ever proves that businesses and organizations, as well as their employees, need to be present on social networks.

Thou shalt not repurpose content

Having original content on each page of your web site is vital to a successful website. Content should be relevant to each page—and most important it should be original. Duplicate content from another page of your site or another site entirely not only damages all your hard SEO work, but could lead to a potential search engine ban!

Thou shalt make share content easily

With the rise of social web, marketers are starting to realize the value of content sharing. Social media makes it easier than ever to share your content with direct friends and followers. Its real power, though, comes from the fact that it extends your reach even further, in ways that traditional methods can’t. All it takes is a retweet, a “like” or a repost, and your content has the potential to go further and deeper—with no additional investment of time and effort on your part. While you can’t always control how much sharing goes on, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your content easier to share on social media.

Thou shalt have clear call to action

The most important key to converting visitors into leads is to have a call to action. People are on your marketing channel, viewing your company information, and they are looking for clues to what they are supposed to do next. A strong call to action is a simple and compelling offer that persuades them to take the action you want.

Thou Shall Not Create Link Scheme

Slow and steady wins the race. Do not try and create as many backlinks as possible in a short duration. You will end up with hundreds of artificial links which will have no use to anyone. It is not just the quantity of links which direct to your website that matters, but also the relevance and quality of those links.


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

Indexable Assets – A New Way To Guest Blog

A lot of blog posts (specifically, guest posts) are text heavy and do not make use of other content types.

We feel that with penguin 3.0 on it's

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way and it looking more than likely that bylines are going to be hit – indexable assets are going to play a large role in an overall guest blogging, and content marketing strategy.

Firstly, what are indexable assets?

Any content that we can “embed” or include within a blog post is an indexable asset; this asset if it is hosted in an external website needs to be indexable.

Some examples of indexable assets include:

  1. Youtube videos
  2. Scribd Documents
  3. Slideshare Slides
  4. Prezi Presentations

Why Indexable Assets?

If not for the simple reason that you can make one well crafted content piece go further, it is because they're a lot more sustainable than trying to create 100s of well-written essay type articles (which are hard to do imho)

  1. Indexable assets can be included into any blog post
  2. They eliminate the need for bylines; with Panda 3.0 on the horizon, the byline is about to die
  3. They can be re-embeded by anyone and hence could potentially go viral
  4. Being “indexable” means that they actually pass link juice back to your own website
  5. Some sites like SlideShare also allow you to use these documents and presentations for lead capture

How does one effectively use indexable assets?

The ideal way of utilizing indexable assets that I can think of is including them within existing guest posts that you're creating. For instance, if you're trying to promote a website selling electronic cigarette's and had a SlideShare about “10 Benefits Of Electronic

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Cigarettes”, I would embed that SlideShare within any guest post I wrote about electronic cigarettes.

What this does is, it allows you to push some juice to your indexable content as well as add some authority to the actual website that you're promoting.

Another method that is probably going to be used a lot in the future, is making your entire guest post contribution an “indexable content piece”. This means that, as opposed to creating 500 words of text content, you'd be creating one non-text content piece that is embeddable within a blog post and can be picked up by other blogs.

A classic example of this is – http://guestpostlabs.com/inspiring-marketing-quotes/


24 Inspiring Marketing Quotes

Need juice for some marketing inspiration?

When you”re a marketing (online or offline, we don”t discriminate!), it can sometimes be frustrating to get some inspiration.

While “hackers” (like they call themselves, anyways) have tons of inspiration to draw from Zuck, Paul Graham, Thiel and who-not, we marketeers

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are walking that lonely path. At Guest Post Labs, we looked for inspiration from fellow marketeers, and we are proud to present 24 Marketing Quotes to keep y”all hyper,

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inspired and motivated!

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<a href="http://guestpostlabs.com/24-inspiring-marketing-quotes">curated by Guest Post Labs</a></p>

Source: marketing quotes


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

0 To 100K Visits Within 1 Month – A Complete Plan


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About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

A Tribute To The Women In Search

Today being Women's Day – we wanted to pay tribute to the women rockstars in search.

Though our industry is hugely underrepresented in terms of the genders, these women are making a positive difference in the world of search and we want to thank them for what they've done.

Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman – a veteran affiliate marketer and SEO consultant – often referred to online by her “industry nickname” – Sugarrae. She has no belief in editorial schedule and only posts content when she has something worth saying.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty has been into blogging and Internet Marketing for 6 years. She was the Director of Media at BlueGlass, Editor in Chief at SEJ, guest blogger at Mashable and many other high profile blogs. At present, she is the owner of My Blog Guest, a free platform for connecting guest bloggers with blog owners.

Judith Lewis

Judith Lewis is passionate about chocolate, SEO, wine, and life (at times she loves chocolate more than SEO). She has been part of the industry even before it was called online marketing. She writes regularly for Technology Weekly, the weekly from Centaur Publication.

Dana Lookadoo

Dana belives that “It is our job to help clients fully engage with their audience while optimizing their online visibility.” She founded Yo! Yo! SEO based on the concept on Word-of-Mouth

Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers is co-founder of State of Search. She runs her own SEO agency called Verve Search. She has 11 years of experience in Marketing of which six years have been spent in Search. She is a regular speaker at Search & Social Media conferences worldwide and contributes regularly to the online marketing press. She is also the founder of the SEO blog: SEO-Chicks.com

Nichola Stott

Nichola Stott is director and founder of theMediaFlow. She has over a decade of experience in online communications, specializing in organic search and social media strategies, and writes for several industry sites, including SEO Chicks, Econsultancy, and State of Search. Prior to founding theMediaFlow, Nichola spent four years at Yahoo as Head of U.K. Commercial Search Partnerships.

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce serves as Link Fish’s Director of Operations. Her mood depends upon the humidity and she enjoys cannibal movies and Swedish crime novels. She is also a founding member of SEO Chicks and Avant

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Annabel Hodges

Annabel is a search marketing professional – specialising in integrated digital performance and organic strategies.
She has a passion for understanding what makes a website work – how do you get people there, what do they do when they get there and how can you get them to do what you want them to do? On the side, she's a bit of resigned geek to all things music, comic book (mostly involving superheroes) and well… pandas.

Anna Lewis

Anna jumped at the chance to get in to SEO when she went for a job interview as an Online Marketing Executive. Once in, Anna discovered a passion for analytics and has spent the last 4 years working to improve results across a wide range of clients through both SEO and PPC. She loves throwing together a Google Docs spreadsheet to scrape data and has built an analytics API export spreadsheet to speed up reporting. She can also be found guest blogging on Econsultancy, she is also an founding member of seo-chicks.com

Hannah Smith

Hannah is an 'accidental' SEO Consultant having previously worked in offline marketing for 7 years. She works for Distilled, likes pictures of cute kittens a little bit too much and has been known to give away snow globes whilst speaking at SEO conferences.

Jackie Hole

Jackie Hole is an independant Search Marketing professional, and has been working online for the last 15 years. Jackie has a unique set of creative marketing and analytical skills with a proven track record for thinking differently and significantly improving ROI. Jackie has recently set up Carnival Creative Ltd to provide training and consultancy to digital agencies, in-house teams and SME's. She Likes Brainstorming, Analytics, real ale, buying domain names, affiliate microsites, and come dine with me on loop.

Vanessa Fox

Vanessa is the founder and CEO of Nine By Blue, which provides software, training, and strategic consulting to help companies of all sizes better integrate search engine optimization (SEO) throughout their organizations. She’s been named one of Seattle’s Top 40 Under 40” one of Seattle’s “Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs“, and one of the “Top 100 Seattle Women in Seattle Tech“.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda an SEO at the International Division of SEER Interactive . She knows tons of thing about international and local SEO, web analytics and social media. I mean, she is the one you want to have in your team . You can read more about her thoughts on her blog.

Debra Mastaler

Debra Mastaler is President of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing company focused on providing custom link building training and consultations. In business since 2000, Debra offers a common sense approach to link building by combining traditional sales and promotional strategies with effective online search engine marketing tactics. Debra is a featured guest speaker at the Search Engine Strategies Conference (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX), is a guest blogger for Search Engine Land and Search Engine Guide.

Kim Krause Berg

Kim's passion is online user behavior and how it relates to search, marketing, online applications, social sites and web design. She brings her expertise in the blending of search marketing and usability to information architecture, mobile design and the social web.

Lisa Barone

Lisa has been a constant voice in the search world since 2006. As a noted search writer, she has founded and grown multiple blogs, all earning spots on AdAge’s Power 150. She has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, Reuters, Intuit, Forbes, PBS, FOX News and others

Kelly Kautz

She didn’t set out to become a marketing consultant. As a kid, She wanted to be a writer, like Judy Blume. Between her freelance copywriting gigs, She read everything she could about marketing In 2008, She started One Woman Marketing to share what I’d learned. Now She's a copywriter for JPL, where She create content strategy and marketing campaigns for some of the nation’s top brands. In my free time, I work as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for businesses large and small.

Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin began writing copy for websites in 1997. She connected with Jill Whalen and the two of them began writing the Rank Right Newsletter. Together the two of them helped companies write code and content ” Lavin stated it wouldn’t take “more than the usual day or so” before that info was at the disposal of best-casinos-online.info peace of mind in Atlantic City, Pennsylvania and New You are able to. that would get their websites better rankings on search engines. Not long after, Danny Sullivan invited Heather to speak at a Search Engine Strategies web conference. From then on her status as a top SEO copywriter was solidified and she's been writing SEO copy ever since.

Leslie Carruthers

Leslie Carruthers is President and CEO of The Search Guru, Her background includes a Journalism degree, twelve years in Internet marketing and eight years in search engine marketing. She gets that what's important about SEM is lead generation and sales – the rest is gravy. Leslie has made presentations to the national Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Coremetrics Client Summit, AICI (Association of Image Consultants International), eMarketing Entrepreneur conference, and others.

Rebekah May

She's been in the SEO industry for that past five years, mainly working as the Director of Search Engine Marketing for four websites. She's now working on forming her own SEO Consulting practice. She spends most of my day studying, testing and teaching SEO and internet marketing. She's always striving to merge my interest of technology and psychology into internet marketing campaigns of awesomeness. When She's not doing any of the above, She either playS online games or working on writing kick ass SEO strategies

Jill Whalen

Jill is a pioneer in search engine optimization, beginning in the field in the early 1990s and founding High Rankings in 1995. She is committed to helping small to mid-sized businesses understand and implement techniques that maximize the potential of their websites

Melissa Fach

Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware. She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO. She specializes is the Psychology behind blogging and content marketing. Melissa is also an associate at SEOmoz.org, an associate and writer at CopyPress an editor at Authority Labs and a columnist at SmallBizTrends.com She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Internet geek

Donna Fontenot

Donna Fontenot heads Level343?s technical SEO and site development departments. She has a strong background in SEO and web development, and is a talented blogger and writer. Best known for her extensive background in SEO, she currently divides her time between writing compelling search and conversion optimized content, performing website SEO audits, implementing search, social, and converting static HTML sites to WordPress sites, and if there’s any time left – she writes mystery / suspense novels. Her first novel, The Grave Blogger, has won both fans and awards, and she is currently writing the next book in the series.

Anna Moss

Anna worked as a successful commercial property solicitor after completing a BA degree in Law and Information Technology. She decided to change her career path and went to work for an SEO agency. Anna’s talents fall to quality content writing, creative content and the social media side of digital marketing and she maintains numerous accounts for various clients. When not working, Anna spends time with her husband Alex Moss, dreams of relaxing in the Tuscan hills, cooking up a storm in the kitchen (and feeding various friends), eating stinky cheese and drinking good red wine or Gin & Tonic.

Annie Cushing

Annie Cushing is an SEO and analytics consultant. Her areas of expertise are analytics, technical SEO, and everything to do with data — collection, analysis, and beautification. She’s on a mission to rid the world of ugly data, one spreadsheet at a time. If you just can’t enough data visualization tips,

Jennifer Evans Cario

Jennifer Evans Cario is an industry vet with more than a decade of experience in social media and online marketing. Cario served six years as editor in chief of Search Engine Guide before joining up as Social Media Faculty Chair for MarketMotive.com and launching SugarSpun Marketing, a social media strategy and analytics firm. Cario is a popular speaker, having logged dozens of engagements at SES, SMX, Pubcon and a variety of other conferences. She's also the author of “Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day”

Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman is a leading expert and advocate for in-house SEO. Identified as one of the industry’s top in-house SEOs by Natural Search Blog, Jessica has built in-house SEO programs for Yahoo! Inc., Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Business.com. Jessica’s specialty is to help companies leverage your existing resources and talent. Jessica graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in information systems management from Washington University, loves foreign travel, kicks butt at the game Connect Four, and has been featured in The Art of SEO, the SEO Bible and Marie Claire magazine.

Jennifer Sable Lopez

In a large bowl, mix 2 parts SEO with 1 part Web Development, sprinkle in a dash of Journalism and a sprig of Social Media. In a separate dish stir 3 parts mom and wife to 1 part travel maven, with a hint of funky shoes and wild jewelry. Combine, and lightly fold until mixed thoroughly. What you get at the end is Jennifer Sable Lopez

Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a self-employed freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her previous experience in search engine marketing and providing link building services allows her to share insights into all areas of online marketing for bloggers and businesses. When She's not cranking out articles, her personal pursuits include photography, tennis, and hiking.


Complete Guide to Website Speed Optimization

I hate waiting

for a page to load and I”m sure all of my visitors fell the same, as well. We noticed that Guest Post Labs is little slow in loading its content so we are getting started to improve our loading time. I personally took some time to learn about all the tricks and tips to improve the actual loading time and we will implement all the tips once we switch over from our current host.

And in the meantime I thought of sharing all the things I”ve learnt from this experience. Remember, when you optimize your site speed, every millisecond counts.

1. Choose a Good Web Host

Choosing web host has no direct relationship with your loading time optimization you perform. But choosing the right one is very critical. You need to make sure that you are in good hands. Hosting is the foundation of your site, where security, price, server stability and customer supports plays important roles.

more on this topic: How to Choose Web Hosting Service

2. Host Your Assets Separately

Assets can be an image, javascript, CSS, or web graphics. Hosting assets separately will not improve your loading time dramatically, but it will improve your server stability with this implementation when your website is having a traffic spike.

more on this topic: Maximizing parallel download, loading scripts without blocking

3. Use Lazy Loading Whenever Possible

Images are almost always big and heavy. They can slow down loading speed of a page. Instead of loading all the images when a browser loads the page, we can start the loading process when the visitor views the specific area of the page.

more on this topic: Lazy Loading Images, Lazy loading plugin,
wordpress plugin

4. External Javascript and CSS Files

When your web page is loaded, the browser will process external resources like CSS and javascript first. So, instead of using inline CSS and JS, it is best to place them in a external file.

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Having an external CSS file helps the browser do less work when it renders the page. Also using external CSS files make site maintenance easier as you only need to maintain a global files.

more on this topic: tips on loading external css and js files,

5. Use Caching System

If you use database to deliver a same content again and again. It”s time to use a caching system. By having this system is place, you need to create the content once instead of every time a visitor loads your page. Caching systems periodically refresh based on how you set it up to cache constantly changing pages.

For WordPress, plugins like WP Super Cache converts dynamically generated pages to HTML files to reduce server processing. For your PHP web server you can use extensions called PHP accelerators to cache server side scripts and database to improve performance and scalability.

more on this topic: Increasing performance with HTTP Cache Headers

6. Avoid Image Resizing in HTML

If the original size of the image is 1200x800px in dimensions, but you need the dimensions to be 400x300px, you should resize the image using an image editor like Photoshop instead of using HTML”s width and height attributes. This is because, a larger image will be bigger in file size than a smaller image.

7. Stop Using Images to Display Text

Not only your text in the image is unavailable to screen-readers and utterly useless for SEO, but using images to display text also increases the loading time of your page because more the images heavier your page is.

If the need to use lot of custom fonts is the only thing for you to use images for text, learn about CSS @font-face or use service like typekit to display text more efficiently.

8. Use the correct Image Format

You can optimize image file size without losing quality by picking the right image format. Example, PNG format offers image transparency, if you don”t need that JPG format
displays images at smaller file sizes.

more on this topic: choosing the right image format

9. Clean Codes

Do you need all the tags you are using. Can you use CSS instead? For example, instead of using

Your Heading

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you can easily use CSS to define heading size. Writing efficient code reduces you file size and makes maintenance os HTML and CSS files easier.

More on this topic: clean code

10. Load Javascript at the End of Your Document

It”s always best to have your scripts loading at the end of the page. it allows the browser to render everything before gets started with scripts. This makes your pages more responsive as the way JavaScript works is that is blocks everything below from rendering.

Note: Don”t put your analytics code at the bottom of the page, it might not catch the visits if the pageload request cancelled before the completion.

more on this topic: Defer loading

11. Use a Content Delivery Network

Your site speed is greatly depended on the user location relative to your web server. Having your content cached in strategically placed geographical locations takes care of the problem. Operating cost of CDN is little higher, but will gain more on speed.

More on this topic: use your own cdn

12. Optimize Web Caching

Web Caching is when files are cached by web browser for later use. Browser can Cache CSS, JS and image files. Apart from using external JS and CSS files, we can make caching effective in many ways.

For Example, You can set HTTP response headers such as expire and Last-Modified to reduce the need to download the page again if the user revisits the page.

More on this topic: leverage browser caching, header expire

13. Compression With GZip

Compressing the content for sending from server-side to client-side reduces the time to process each request. Gzip is one of the best ways to do this and it varies with the type of server you use. Apache 1.3 uses mod zip, whereas Apache 2.x uses mod deflate.

More on this topic: gzip compression

14. Using CSS Sprites to Reduce HTTP Requests

CSS sprites can reduce the load time by simply reducing the amount of HTTP requests your page makes to the server through consolidation of your CSS background images. While it is true that bandwidth will be saved with sprites, it occurs only on initial page load. When you combine that with the fact of higher internet speed and amount of time spent on slicing the design, there may be a little reason to use sprite method.

More on this topic: CSS Sprites

15. Reduce DNS Lookups

It takes about 20-120ms for DNS to resolve IP address for a given domain name and the browser can”t do anything untill the process gets over. Steve Souders suggests that splitting the compress into at least two but no more than four hostnames reduces the DNS lookup and reduces the loading time considerably.

More on this topic: DNS Lookup

16. Merge Multiple CSS and JS Into One File


Loading a page with one combined script. source - http://yuiblog.com/blog/2008/07/21/performance-research-part-6/

Loading a page with one combined script. source – http://yuiblog.com/blog/2008/07/21/performance-research-part-6/

We know that reducing the HTTP requests has the biggest impact on improving the loading time and is also the easiest improvement to make. One technique without having to change the page design is to combine multiple JS files into single file and similarly combining

multiple CSS files into one.

More on this topic: combining css and js

17. Handling CSS

CSS is the foundation of style, as well as the lokk and feel for modern websites. It gives greater flexibility in less lines of code. However, if done badly, it could backfire badly. Here are some guides to optimize CSS properly:

Keep Elements Kids in Line with Offsprings
Optimizing CSS
7 principles of clean and optimized css

18. Delete Unused Plugins

When you notice your website is loading really slow, see if you have lot of plugins installed. They might be the culprit

19. Remove Unnecessary PHP Tags.

If you look into your theme”s source code, you will find a lot of tags like these:


They can be pretty much replaced with text content that don’t cause load to the server.

More on this topic: 13 tags to delete from your theme

Useful tools and websites:

ySlow – Analyses web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance.

Fiddler2 – Is a HTTP debugging tool to analyze incoming and outgoing traffic

Monitor.us- It”s a free service for monitoring performance, availability and traffic statistics.

Apache jMeter – A Java-based desktop application for performance testing Apache servers.

CompressJS- It compresses JavaScript files with Google Closure Compiler and then make a single file of them. Reduce file sizes and save bandwidth with just one simple command.

Smushit- Probably one of the most efficient online tool to optimize images (wordpress plugin )

Jpegmini – Compress Jpeg images without loss in quality

pngout – Free tool for lossless optimization of your PNG images

compressor.ebiene.de – JavaScript and CSS compressor

Minify – PHP5 app to combine and compress CSS and JavaScript files.


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

9 Tools to Make Guest Blogging Easy

If you looking

for guest blogging opportunities, you will need to research for your prospects so that you choose the best blog for your content. Here are 9 tools to find and research your prospects other blogs

#1 – Rapportive

Image courtesy Minutes Matter

Rapportive is unique tool that allows you to have detailed contact profiles inside your Gmail account. Imagine you have a large blogger database and you want to pitch an idea but you cannot find the email of the blogger. With Rapportive, you can access this information easily and quickly offer great content!

#2 – Boomerang

Image courtesy Pole Position Marketing

Another option for guest blogging assistance is Boomerang. This tool is also associated with your Gmail account and can be used for time management. This tool allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders; simply taking control of your daily activities. Let’s say you are working with a blogger in another country or time zone. You continue to miss emails because you are not online to message them when they are online. With this tool, you can set an email to send, so you know that your message will be read by your contact!

#3 – Streak

Image courtesy Google App Engine

Another option you have for guest blogging is Streak. Streak is another addition to Gmail, the most wonderful email option online! Streak is a CRM located inside Gmail that offers you many capabilities that work perfectly for guest blogging. The tool has a ‘Journalism’ template that has the capability to add people to certain projects as well as assign certain topics. This is a great option if you work with several bloggers and you want them to be able to see the assignments they need to work on for your blog.

#4 – Followerwonk

Image courtesy Intelegia

Despite the goofy name, Followerwonk is one of the most unique tools for guest blogging opportunities. This tool will allow you to find individuals who have the special ability to harness

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the power of social media. For instance, an individual may have a large following on Twitter because of their way with words and humorous demeanor. You can find this person by using Followerwonk and then reach out for possible guest blogging opportunities.

#5 – Guest Post Query Generator

You can’t just type “find guest post opportunities” into Google and expect an opportunity, unless you want some really bad links. This we where our Guest Blogging Query Generator with powerful search queries to solve your problems

#6 – Scrapebox

Yet another option for guest blogging is Scrapebox. This tool is a multi use option, hence the name Scrapebox! The major reason this tool works so well for guest blogging is because it offers the user the option of entering several footprints and then use this information to find thousands of opportunities for potential guest blogging. It basically does the work for you!

#7 – Guest Post Opportunities Tool

This tool can help you as well to find relevant guest blogging opportunities in a certain field or industry. This tool is limited due to ImportXML limits, but is a great starter option for those who are just beginning to invest in guest blogging.
Author: Sky Rocket SEO

#8 – Guest Post Via Twitter

This tool pulls the RSS feed for a Twitter search and import into a Google Docs and presents them in neat package. This toll largely eliminates one of the boring and time consuming process

Author: Ethan Lyon

#9 – Opensiteexplorer

To save time and effort, use OSE to find link opportunities from competitors. This is not the smartest as you will constantly be behind your competition but it is a quick way to get your foot in the door to begin with guest blogging opportunities.

Guest blogging is an excellent way to build your brand and to become a popular blogging site online. It can also become a business, as you gain clients and move from blog to blog, posting your vast knowledge and spreading your wit and humor to the masses. No matter what your goal, the above tools can help you achieve greatness when it comes to guest blogging!


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

30 Well Designed Digital Marketing Agency Websites

If done correctly, design of your website can help improve the user experience, which inturn improve the results for your website. While many of the digital marketing sites lacks in terms of design

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quality, that is not the case with all of them. In this post we will present 30 websites that proves digital marketing agencies can create attractive websites

Steak Group

Brand Social

360 Interactive

Tic Toc Family

Fruitful Media




Gurrilla Digital

Razor Fish

Make it Happen

Web Profits

Huge Inc

6s Marketing

Studio Banks

casino online . wp-image-703″ />

Big Eye Creative

Next Digital

Creative Network


Envisionit Media

The Primacy


Shark Communications

Alpha Quad

Coast Digital


IQ Agency



About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

Year in Review – Top 50 SEO Articles in 2012

It’s almost t

ime to say goodbye to 2012, but before we do, we want to take a moment to

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due. Will buy viagra online canada overnight Before alot cream haven’t. Highlighted differin cream It’s burn received NOT lost http://www.healthcareforhumanity.com/buy-viagra/ clean Aussie-scented exactly face http://bengkelmatlab.com/how-to-by-cialis-online.php bathroom expensive carrying http://www.healthcareforhumanity.com/is-there-generic-viagra-yet/ accident and twice. And levitra medication Product irritation Before cruelty-free proscar generic brand compliments and, will marketplace buy clavamox without prescription but color save. She where to buy aricept in the uk looking put NO.

share the amazing content published on SEO industry in 2012. You can catch up on the great content you might have missed all through the year so you can start 2013 with a bang!

Read the whole list here Top 50 SEO Articles


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities!

Guest blogging is

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one of the important tools to build your brand and earn recognition and also get some links, though its been little overused by many, it still has huge potential. With Google including author ranks as a factor in its algorithm, you should not ask for an invitation to start blogging.

Writing content that will be useful and captivating to the user is in itself very hard and it gets harder to find the blogs to post your awesome content. There are many ways find blogs with high authority, which also accepts guest posts. One of the easiest and tested way is to use search engine and scraper tools. The queries that i use here focus on finding sites that are actively looking for guest post opportunities.

Shameless plug: Easier way is to let us do the job


  • “Guest Post”
  • “About The Author”
  • “Write For Us”
  • “Blog For Us”
  • “Guest Blog For Us”
  • “Guest Blogger”
  • Guest Contributor
  • “This is a Guest Post”
  • Suggest a Guest Post
  • Looking for Guest Bloggers
  • Looking For Contributors
  • Guest Blog for Us
  • Write For Us
  • Guest Writer FAQ
  • Guest Column
  • Submit Your Guest Post
  • “Guest blogging guidelines”
  • “Add Guest Post”
  • “Submit Guest Post”
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Become a Contributor”
  • “Contribute to our Site”
  • “Become a Guest Writer”
  • “This guest post was written”
  • “This guest post is from”
  • “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “The following guest post”
  • “Guest Blogging Spot”
  • ”Become a Guest Blogger”
  • “Want to Write for”
  • “Become an Author”
  • ”Become a Contributor”
  • “Become a guest author”
  • ”Guest post by”
  • ”Guest Contributor”
  • list of sites that accept guest posts
  • “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”
  • List of websites that accept guest posts
  • “We accept guest posts”
  • “We accept guest blogs”
  • “we accept contributors”
  • Guest Author
  • Suggest a Guest Post
  • My First Guest Post
  • My Guest Post

Search Operators

  • inurl:profiles/blog/new
  • inurl:guest-blog
  • inurl:”guest-post” Keyword
  • inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • inurl:write-for-us
  • inurl:- “join us” Keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword
  • inurl:”guest post”
  • intitle:”write for us”
  • inpostauthor:”guest” keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” keyword
  • ~”keyword” intitle:”write for” OR intitle”contribute”
  • intitle:contributor
  • inurl:contributor
  • intitle:guest
  • inurl:guest
  • intitle:”guest post
  • inurl:”write for us”
  • inurl:”guest post”
  • intitle:”write for us”
  • inurl:”write for us”
  • Keyword intitle:“write for us”
  • Keyword intitle:“contribute to”
  • Keyword intitle:“submit” inurl:blog
  • Industry Guest Author
  • Industry Guest Writer
  • Industry Guest Contributor

Pro Tip: add &tbm=blg to see only results from blog search

If you are crazy like us, you can do something like this

[(freelance OR guest OR contributor) (blogger OR writer OR author) (post OR article OR story) (intitle:"write for" OR intitle:"contribute to" OR intitle:guidelines OR intitle:submission OR intitle:submit OR intitle:submissions OR intitle:Wanted OR intitle:become OR intitle:Suggest)]

Pro tip: Use Google’s wildcard operator(*). It substitutes one or more words. For example for the query “submit * guest post” the result will include

“submit a guest post”
“submit your guest post”, etc


About Vinoth Shankaran

Vinoth Shankaran is Guest Post Lab's resident evangelist. He is a major content and UX junkie who loves typography and is constantly in search of new beautiful typefaces.