How To Identify A Fake Guest Blogger

Blog owners accepting guest posts get tons of spam every day.

All that they need to do is add a write for us page, or mention somewhere that they”re accepting guest posts, and all the Scrapebox Junkies out there add them to their “guest blog database”.

But, what”s very interesting is that most of these guys almost exclusively use a fake alias.

Yes, that”s right, when they”re trying to promote a gazillion links across different industries, they have no other option but to create fake names, email addresses

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and send out impersonal outreach emails. (tsk.. tsk.. we do promote a gazillion clients ourselves, but we have one expert writer per industry, who uses their REAL profile)

Folks who use a fake name and email are just bad news for bloggers, since they”re only trying to guest blog as a way to get backlinks (read link spam)

But, the good news is that, these fake guest bloggers are very easy to identify.

#1 – They almost always have no social profile

The 101 of blogging is to have a very active social profile – how else can you be a content producer?

But, most fake guest bloggers DO NOT even bother creating a social profile; they don”t use Twitter, Facebook, Google or any of these social identities that can essentially show you whether a person is real or not.

If you get a guest blog request, and the person has no Twitter or Facebook, or their social profile is a ghost-town, in most probability, they are a faker.

#2 – Their names are extremely fake

The interesting thing about a lot of these mass guest post request operations is that, the work is outsourced to a low cost center.

And, the folks who are sending out requests create very very fake sounding names. For instance, the other day, I got a request from someone calling herself “Relene Mac” claiming to be an author based out the United States.

Mac is a very strange last name for an American to have. Though there is never a 100% guarantee that the name might be fake if it sounds like that, it is a good indicator.

#3 – Their outreach email is very impersonal

When you”re trying to reach out to bloggers at scale, personalization is lost.

Most mass emails look very very impersonal and sometimes offensive. When you get an email of that sort, don”t entertain those requests!

#4 – Their responses are either poor or inadequate

So, assuming that you get interested with an outreach email that you get, it is very easy to figure out if a blogger is real or fake by initiating an email thread with them.

Most fake bloggers are flabbergasted when a long thread ensues. They make tons of mistakes and show that they”ve really not reached out to you in-person and are not who they claim to be.

#5 – Google Them!

When you Google fake aliases, there is almost never any “normal” entries. Most normal people have a Linkedin, Facebook, Personal Blog or something of that nature when you search for their name on Google.

Fake Guest Blog Aliases almost never have anything except tons of profile pages on low quality blogs and article directories.

#6 – If you have the means, pick up the phone and call them

A great way of prequalifying a guest blogger is by having them call you, or vice versa.

It”s very hard to be fake on the phone and you can see if a pitch is genuine or not within five minutes of speaking on the phone with them.

Finally.. you need to make a choice

As a blog owner, you need to make a choice whether you want to accept blog posts from anyone, whether they”re real or fake, as long as the content quality is good. Or, whether you want real people guest blogging for you.

With the former you get more content on your blog faster. With the latter, you”re building long-term brand.