Six Ways To Use Facebook Graph Search For Your Business


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s is the first in a series of three posts we will be publishing this week about leveraging Facebook Graph for inbound marketing

If you are reading this post, then you either have graph search enabled or will have it very soon. It's

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one of the things that could have a big impact on your business.

From a business marketing perspective, especially if you're running a local business – graph search has the potential to transform your entire outreach and online marketing strategy. If you don't have sophisticated tools at your disposal, you can use these simple, do-it-yourself steps to get traction for your business.

#1 – Find existing customers and fans on Facebook

With graph search, you can find people who have already checked-in to your place on Facebook and also liked you page.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Ask them to review you online and provide them with a gift card
  2. Provide them with a discount to come back to your store

#2 – Finding journalists through mutual contacts

Seer Interactive has an excellent article about finding journalist through mutual friends.

But, what if a journalist already had a relationship with your business, and you just didn't know? Facebook graph search allows you

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to exploit these relationships and leverage them to the maximum.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Throw ideas at journalists / bloggers who are already acquainted with your business – this increases your chances of getting new press out
  2. Engage with fans who are in traditional or online media, give them gifts and keep your fingers crossed about the possibility of them blogging or tweeting about you

#3 – Find talent you can hire

Irrespective of whether you're trying to find potential employees, partners or freelancers, graph search provides you with the tools you need to reach out to the write peeps.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Search for “Likes SEOMoz and lives in your city” or “Works at Company X and lives in your city” to find SEO Enthusiasts and folks you can hire
  2. Want to go one step further? Search for specific interests that closely align to the culture of your company for people you can hire
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#4 Surveys and User Testing

With graph search, you can very easily find people who like a specific tool or product and make them participate in a survey or use them to beta test your tools. This was not possible before when you had no clue who was associated with what brand or product.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Survey everyone who likes your competitor about their service and publish it online – this will get you a lot of buzz and could help in getting some of them to swap ship

#5 – Create your own gallery on steroids


Looking to create photos of your restaurant for your website or Google places?

Why create new photos when your customers are already doing it for you. Search for photos taken at your location and ask the people who uploaded for permission to share in your site and provide something of value in return to them.

By all means, this is an easier way to get it done rather than have professional photographers come do it for you.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Create a graph search powered gallery where you pull images from customers' photo feeds on Facebook
  2. Contact folks who tagged your location and ask them to participate in a photo contest – this keeps customers engaged and may even encourage them to come back to shoot more pictures. (tsk.. gamification for all of your fancy-pants out there)

#6 – Find new geographies

Looking to open your business in a new location? You can now find out how many folks from a particular region have already been at your store and like what you're providing.

Ideas to exploit

  1. Create pre-launch buzz by contacting folks who have been at your store in another city and live in the city you're trying to launch at
  2. Validate if it makes sense to start a new location in a new city

Though most of these searches are still very basic, it might become more powerful in the future. You can expect Facebook to release more data from Open Graph for us to use in the future.

Do you have any other good ways to use Facebook Graph search? Comment Away!


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