Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities Using Search Operators

Guest blogging is one of the important tools to build your brand and earn recognition and also get some links, though it’s been overused by many, it still has huge potential. With Google including author ranks as a factor in its algorithm, you should not ask for an invitation to start blogging.

Writing content that will be useful and captivating to the user is in itself very hard and it gets harder to find guest post blogs to post your awesome content. There are many ways to find blogs with high authority, which also accepts guest posts. One of the easiest and tested way is to use a search engine and scraper tools. The queries that I use here focus on finding sites that are actively looking for guest post opportunities.

Google Footprints

  • “Guest Post”
  • “About The Author”
  • “Write For Us”
  • “Blog For Us”
  • “Guest Blog For Us”
  • “Guest Blogger”
  • Guest Contributor
  • “This is a Guest Post”
  • Suggest a Guest Post
  • Looking for Guest Bloggers
  • Looking For Contributors
  • Guest Blog for Us
  • Write For Us
  • Guest Writer FAQ
  • Guest Column
  • Submit Your Guest Post
  • “Guest blogging guidelines”
  • “Add Guest Post”
  • “Submit Guest Post”
  • “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Become a Contributor”
  • “Contribute to our Site”
  • “Become a Guest Writer”
  • “This guest post was written”
  • “This guest post is from”
  • “Now Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “The following guest post”
  • “Guest Blogging Spot”
  • ”Become a Guest Blogger”
  • “Want to Write for”
  • “Become an Author”
  • ”Become a Contributor”
  • “Become a guest author”
  • ”Guest post by”
  • ”Guest Contributor”
  • list of sites that accept guest posts
  • “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
  • “Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”
  • List of websites that accept guest posts
  • “We accept guest posts”
  • “We accept guest blogs”
  • “We accept contributors”
  • Guest Author
  • Suggest a Guest Post
  • My First Guest Post
  • My Guest Post

Search Operators

  • inurl:profiles/blog/new
  • inurl:guest-blog
  • inurl:”guest-post” + Keyword
  • inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • inurl:write-for-us
  • inurl:- “join us” + Keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest author” +keyword
  • inurl:”guest post”
  • intitle:”write for us”
  • inpostauthor:”guest” + keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” + keyword
  • ~”keyword” intitle:”write for” OR intitle”contribute”
  • intitle:contributor
  • inurl:contributor
  • intitle:guest
  • inurl:guest
  • intitle:”guest post
  • inurl:”write for us”
  • inurl:”guest post”
  • intitle:”write for us”
  • inurl:”write for us”
  • Keyword + intitle:“write for us”
  • Keyword + intitle:“contribute to”
  • Keyword + intitle:“submit” + inurl:blog
  • Industry+Guest+Author
  • Industry+Guest+Writer
  • Industry+Guest+Contributor

Pro Tip: add &tbm=blg to see only results from blog search

If you are crazy like us, you can do something like this

  • [(freelance OR guest OR contributor)
  • (blogger OR writer OR author)
  • (post OR article OR story)
  • (intitle:”write for” OR intitle:”contribute to” OR intitle:guidelines OR intitle:submission OR intitle:submit OR intitle:submissions OR intitle:Wanted OR intitle:become OR intitle:Suggest)]

Pro tip: Use Google’s wildcard operator(*). It substitutes one or more words. For example for the query “submit * guest post” the result will include

“submit a guest post”
“submit your guest post”, etc