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How To Write Good Content For Your Website Fast In 4 Easy Steps

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Having a little trouble writing good, unique content for your website? I have a simple solution that I think you will love. Better yet you won’t spend a fortune doing this. In fact, if you have $5 you’re set. Better yet, you can also buy pre-made blog articles from Article Market for only a buck!

I have been testing out a cool way to make good content for my website with a simple method that might catch you by surprise at first. I wrote a simple post a few days go on this blog where I demonstrated what the best affiliate markets are.

The blog post itself is over 1300 words and the best part is the only writing on that page that is mine is the headline! Do I have your attention yet?

Step 1 – Put together a simple Power Point based on a problem or subject in your niche market. 

If you do not have Microsoft Word get a free copy of Open Office. It’s not quite as good but it has a Power Point knock off. Hey it works and it’s free!

This doesn’t have to be thorough it just needs to cover your topic, be useful for your audience and make sense.

Step 2 – Shoot a video of your Power Point slides using either Camtasia or Jing (free). 

Jing has some limitations though as it will only allow you to shoot up to 5 minutes free. Camtasia is awesome but you’ll need $300 for it. If you don’t plan on shooting vids more often do not spend your money and simple get a copy of Jing. Besides 5 minutes will be plenty for most videos and you don’t want to scare your audience with a nice long 25 minute video.

Make sure to save your video in a MP4 format as it works anywhere pretty much universally. 

Upload your video to a file sharing site like Metacafe, Viddler or Youtube. I host most of my own but you do not need to do that and any of the 3 I just mentioned will work fine.

As you record your video use you Power Point slides as queue points or notes to keep you on track with your message like if you were to give a speech.

Step 3 – Find a transcriptionist to do all the content writing for you. 

This is the part you’ll need just $5 for. Head over to Fiverr and do a search for a transcriptionist. Many will do up to 10 minutes of audio for $5. Ask the transcriptionist to time-stamp the transcript for you every 1 minute so your audience can reference your video if they need to.   

Make sure to hire only someone who has mostly positive reviews. The people I hire almost always have only positives and little to no negative reviews.

“Ugh my secret is out and I could have easily made a product teaching this!”

But, I know you’re thinking it’s better to share and help. You’re right it really is. J

Step 4 – Embed your video into your post along with the transcript and publish it to the world.

Trust me it’ll be one of the best $5 you’ll ever spend and very time effective. You’ll have a nice post with a video that your audience can listen and watch or optionally read it. You’ll also give Google and the search engines what they love – more content to crawl through, which is great for your site and can help you increase traffic.

Are you scared to shoot the video or just do not want to mess it? Instead, record an audio track with the free Audacity Player. 

When you find someone to transcribe on Fiverr you’ll simply need to upload the file as per their instructions. You can then optionally post just your blog post based on the transcription of your audio or you can add the audio file to your post using a plugin like this one.


It was much easier to just speak on my subject for 6-7 minutes and have someone transcribe that into 1300 words than it was for me to write 1300+ words myself. Plus, the added element of the video can give your audience something more than the usual text to read through.

The person also removed all of my “umms” and “ahhs” as well. I sent them a lot of love for that one!